A Simple Life | Old Salem | Winston-Salem, NC

Old Salem- what a gem! There's just something about this place. Rich with history, the town has completely captured my heart. People enjoying simplicity, the history, the preservation, the desire for God, His Spirit and to serve others all incapsulated into one little town. It's quite remarkable. Walking up and down the streets, life is simple. This simplicity allow for an extraordinary peace to overcomes your heart. There are no fast cars, fast moving people, jumping from one job to the other, but rather, people hard at work at their specific trade, willing to "take a break from life" to simply stop and chat. I am so thankful for this place where my little family can escape the "business" of life and enjoy simplicity, company, and the beauty of history. I pray these images bless your heart today, as you escape for a moment to enjoy a glimpse into this sweet, sweet town of Old Salem!