Build The Ark

Therefore, my beloved brothers, be steadfast, immovable, always abounding in the work of the Lord, knowing that in the Lord your labor is not in vain.
— 1 Corinthians 15:58

Sometimes God calls us to big tasks. Tasks that seem impossible and down right crazy. We question these tasks and the purpose behind the what seems to be madness. Although some of these tasks are complex, God’s answer is simple; “Build the Ark”. When we look at the story of Noah, we see just how crazy some of these “tasks” God sets before us can appear. Noah lived in the desert. As we all know In the desert they do not see rain very often (if at all), but God is telling Noah to build an Ark?! I am almost positive this appeared pretty absurd to Noah, but God laid out specific/detailed guidelines and instructions on how to complete this task, along with enlightening Noah of how purposeful this task was. I am sure, as mostly everyone would be, Noah was in a bit of shock, but he knew he had a task that was set before him, and as a follower of God, he figured he'd better get to work and BUILD THE ARK, despite what the world said (i.e. neighbors laughing at him and thinking he must have lost his mind building a boat in the middle of the desert). Key fact: Noah didn’t look to man’s approval; only to God’s. 

Did Noah feel overwhelmed? I am sure! Did he feel at times, “how in the world am I going to complete this task?”- I am almost positively sure! Here’s the encouraging news-when God sets tasks before us, we are not meant to go at them alone. It’s only by God’s grace, sustainment, and guidance, we are able to start at the beginning and finish until the end; no matter how big or small the task at hand may seem. God desires to walk right beside of us through these tasks, guiding and assisting in our hearts and minds as we strive for completion. He is counting on us to grab ahold of His hand and trust His plan. Easier said than done, Brittany! Yes, i've been there! So, how do we get that statement to become tangible and alive in our lives today? Spend time with Him in His Word and watch how that statement becomes easier for you to wrap your head around with the coming of each new day. How are we to grow closer to God if we take even our most simple day to day tasks and try to complete them on our own? It’s then when we begin feeling overwhelmed, stressed out, and thinking “this is impossible!”. 

Dear friends, whatever tasks the Lord is setting before you to complete, whether it be the most simple of tasks or the most complex and seemingly crazy, realize He doesn’t throw you out to sea with nothing supporting you and tell you to swim, instead He provides a life jacket to help keep your head above water, your mind focused, and your heart guided by Him. So, when God tells us to “build the ark”, as He did with Noah, may we respond with willing and encouraged hearts at the possibilities of bringing good to others and glory to Him. When the task seems unreachable or incomprehensible; reach in your right, front pocket and pull out your faith. Don't leave it tucked inside. If He's calling you to act, it's imperative you do just that & trust His plan.  #BuildTheArk

In His love,