a long time coming

behind the madness

I knew I needed a website, but there was so much to offer; how would I ever choose? Who would provide me the needs of my business? After much prayer, guidance and so much patience (patience still being learned that is!), I, without a doubt, knew who would fit in with the platform I needed. And then came the FUN part- the creation! If you can't sense my sarcasm, this wasn't, to me, "fun" by any means. It was more like stress, overwhelming stress to think, "I have to design this all on my own??!!". With many deep breaths and shaky, but ready hands, I dove in. Planning took me months upon months to get all my ducks in a row. Creation took me almost as long! I knew I wanted to launch after my coaching session with AJ Dunlap Photography. I was determined to make that happen, thanks to some encouraging words from her, which she had heard from a friend, "Done is better than perfect" . Oh, those words were life giving! And so...Today is the DAY! After months of time, sweat, tears, and laughter, I am so elated to present to the world my NEW website and blog. Now off to Trader Joe's to pick up Cookie Butter Ice Cream to celebrate. There is potential for me to consume the entire container, so Devin, hurry home! ;)

a thank you

I wanted to first thank ALL who have been an integral part of the planning process to make all this happen. So deserving of my thanks is God, for Him working in and through me. It is only by His strength I was able to accomplish "done". Through moments of "what in the world", to "I can't do this", to "HELP!", He is always on time: strengthening, giving endurance, providing grace, and forgiveness along with giving me silence to clear my jumbled/messy mind! If it wasn't for this, I would be going crazy right about now! My husband, Devin, who is so incredibly supportive through it all, is always encouraging me to think deep, press forward, be open minded and not to rush! Your selfless love keeps fueling me day after day. And thank you for all of the continual "sleeping" photos taken of me at 8pm. They are a continual reminder of the exhaustion, but more importantly, the necessary fuel that rest brings you for this full time momma, business owner, wife, sister, daughter, aunt and friend. My sweet boy, through snacks and naps, provides time that allows momma to tweak and build this site! He is such an amazing example of love, forgiveness, and strength in my life. My family and friends who are so encouraging through it all- Mom, Dad, Erin, Tiff, Elizabeth, and so many more! Sometimes the simple words, "You can do this", dives deep into your core, which breeds motivation, excitement, and so much joy! Jess May from Jess Creates for all of the input and guidance in the planning processes, as well as the creation. She is, "JessCreates", right?! Boy, is she fabulous at what she does! God has so gifted her, and BTP is so grateful for that gift! Can't forget Spotify and my headphones. I would often catch Devin looking at me with a very bizarre face- it is my singing and singing loud. Thankful the windows didn't crack or the baby didn't wake. To all that offered encouraging words, in which you probably aren't even aware of how beneficial they actually are. The list could go on and on. Overall,  BTP is beyond thankful for all! Because of this, I am giving back. So, I am offering a FREE session for one individual, family or couple. Here's how to enter:

1. Share my website on your FACEBOOK wall: brittanyterris.com and tag my Facebook page (or me, Brittany Terris- in order to tag you must "like" my Facebook page first). 

2. Follow me on Instagram @brittanyterrisphoto   |   Follow me on twitter @bterrisphoto  |    Like Brittany Terris Photography on Facebook

BONUS Entry:

3. Tag at least two of your friends under the Facebook post, and tell what kind of session you would like to win!

On Saturday morning, a name will be drawn (by my sweet, sweet boy) and one fortunate winner will have a FREE session with BTP! 


Love in Him,