Zay | Life As He Knows It

It seems as if our children's toddler years pass like a blink of an eye. Some of you may disagree and I'm sure some are grateful for these passing so quickly ;) No shame in that! But there is still beauty in the cries and defiance! (I'm still learning this!) Without the giving of our constant grace in those defiant moments, our children will never learn tangible grace. Without offering mercy, they may never learn how to eventually extend it to others. Yes, those times are so incredibly draining, but the Lord is teaching. He's teaching us of His great grace and mercy upon us. He continues, day in and day out, to pour it over us. From this outpour, may it overflow to our children with each new morning. 

Great is his faithfulness; his mercies begin afresh each morning.
— Lamentations 3:23

From airplanes, to soccer balls, to BIG trucks; Zay is ALL boy! His play is different each day, and it's so fascinating. With each new discovery: eating dirt, picking up warms, and taking spills; it's all developing his little brain on every level. When we say we "learn something new every day", well it's quite literal with children. With each new day, there's a new discovery, a new skill, a new milestone; and it's beautiful. I am so grateful to document these moments that seem pretty simple, and they are, but they are also so complex, so deep, and so nourishing to both my soul and the amazingly brave, zealous, and lovable mind and heart of Zay. I hope you find joy in these photos in whatever season of life you are currently experiencing. 

Yes, this DOES happen!

With Love in Him,