What If We Believed

He is before all things, and in him all things hold together
— Colossians 1:8

The "what if" statement isn't too popular in modern day society. It tends to a negative connotation as in "looking back" or "regret". I would have to agree in some circumstances, but "what if" under these circumstances it could change someone's life?

Have you every been apart of putting together an event where there were tons to plan and gather only to realize the day of, nothing was really holding together? People were backing out, mother nature was happening, and you’re, quite frankly, freaking out? If someone told you, in the midst of your freaking out, that things are happening how they had planned to happen from the beginning; would you believe them? What appeared to be crumbling before your face, in all actuality, was turning into a beautiful testament to God’s goodness? What would happen to your mind, pulse, and heartbeat at that very moments if you believed those words? 


We’re human. We like to “have it all together”, right? Or at least appear as if we do, and when one thing appears to be out of line, we are questioning our ability, skills, and authority. We take on the power, authority, and ownership as if it's ours to own, and quickly begin getting swallowed up by fear, anxiety, and feelings of failure. 

In the brilliant words of R.C. Sproul, "The issue of faith is not so much whether we believe, but whether we believe the God we believe in. (pg. 35)" -Knowing Scripture

If God tells us in Colossians HE holds ALL things together, do we believe Him? It’s easy and convenient to believe there’s a God; it takes a little more intentional effort to believe in the person who God says He is. 

It’s easy & convenient to believe there’s a God; it takes a little more intentional effort to believe in the person who God says He is.

If he says He’s going to do something, like hold everything together, what harm will it do us to surrender to our beliefs and lean into His? Let’s be real, by ourselves we are all hot mess expresses. Is it really realistic that we, human in and by nature, can hold EVERYTHING (the kids, the beloved, the house, the laundry, the work, the school, the lack of sleep, the rain that won’t stop falling on our heads, literally today in Raleigh), together ourselves? So, no wonder we are going stark raving MAD! Our minds feel consumed by fog and our brains feel like a huge pile of mush....And then you hear a little whisper from God and He says, 

My beloved, I’m LORD, LORD over is ALL!

-First of all, He calls me His beloved. He loves me! Wow. What if I believed that? 

-He takes on that authority I have been trying to take on for days, months, years, and proclaims He’s LORD. (I’m not) What if I believed that?

Lastly, not only does He tell me He’s LORD, but LORD over it ALL; all my hurts, all my fears, all my worries, all that anxiety and the joy mixed in, and even the clean laundry I cannot stand to put away. What if I believed that?

If I believed this, would I also believe that in Him He holds ALL things TOGETHER, even when visually it looks as if my entire world is crumbling? Where does my fear have to go if I believe that In Him, He holds it all together? It {fear} won't stand a chance to penetrate the mind & heart. So, I am slowly starting to realize it’s not enough for me, day to day, to just believe in God. I must be intentional in asking God to help me believe in who He says He is. Believing in You isn’t enough anymore. Help me believe in who You are. You are LORD, over it ALL!  Help my unbelief & teach me.