Daily Life As We Know It | Documented in Black + White

If anyone ever told you being a parent is easy, they lied. When you thought you've gotten over the hump, a new challenge creeps in.  It's the most draining yet rewarding gift God has ever given; to me at least.

These photos, (absolutely) even the ones crying, mean so much to me as a mom. Yes, the posed picture where our kid and us are depicted as perfectly polished is great to have every once in a while, but being able to incapsulate these everyday memories (good and not so good) with the understanding that he will only concentrate on learning that skill for less than a few minutes until it's onto the next, cook grapes on the grill for a matter of seconds before switching to coffee, and sit down in the most unposed, yet perfectly positioned to "play his piano" never again. No perfectly posed picture can top that. Zay is only 21 months and 8 days for 24 hours. Document it. As a photographer I love interaction, I adore authenticity, I thrive off showing the world the essence of each individual, and I am overwhelmed with gladness when all of these are consumed into one image.


We decided to open up our home to the blogging community to enjoy a glimpse into daily life with the Terris'. The good, the bad, and the crying mess- it's all depicted here. Everyday has it's own struggles, but with each struggle comes teaching moments for both parent and child. Zay is such a joy to be around, but he also has his moments, which Facebook doesn't depict very often. I love posting pictures of my kid crying- says no one ever! SO, every laugh, every tear, every cry, every moment of desperation will be worth it when compared to the weight of glory it’s producing. Small, simple, yet rich with love and compassion.  Morning play, crying messes, scarfing down food-this is life, real life. This is our life-illustrated in black + white. <3 Thankful for when the time comes and I look back and think, "I miss those times", but at least I will get to reflect on Zay's 645th day of his life that was documented. #Priceless Don't miss out. #DocumentYourChildren #EvenWithASmartPhone

P.S. Enjoy the fun slideshow at the end! :)

Books, tractors, and all the time in the world. <3

Grilled grapes? Terris household grills just about anything! ;)

My coffee and yes, I guard it with my life. (Must take after his momma and dada) ;-)

I love shake time!

Screaming kid and laundry to be done. Story of this life.

And when you think he's asleep....he peaks to see if you're still there...

And when he realizes you're not.... (parents: who can relate??!!) :-/

And then, finally, sleep wins!

Dada isn't in the house 2 minutes from work and Zay asks him for the tractor keys. <3

Almost daily tractor rides. He's so happy to see Dada when he returns home from work. Quite frankly he's board with momma by this time. ;-)

Tractor goes "night night" at the end of the ride. And "night night" for Zay is soon to follow!

The song I chose to accompany the photos is super lively, which fits Zay and his personality quite well! It's also one of Zay's current favorite songs to dance to!   ;-)