Following Jesus Isn't the Easier Route

So, I didn't want to write this blog. My mind was saying no, but my heart felt lead to a yes. For so many reason, but one in particular is that it's just hard. It's hard for people to hear, to take in, to relate. I prayed over it. The Lord gave me the title. I told the Lord that I felt this one in particular which reveals harsh truth sometimes has less effectiveness, and then He took my hands and started typing. 

It’s like your teacher standing in front of you in school with two sets of tests, one hard, one easy, and she asks you which test you would like to take? Which would you choose? Pretty evident I’d be choosing the “easier” test to take! I despise tests, at all levels. I am a horrific test taker. Sheesh, I get sweaty palms and feel sick at even the thought of taking a test! Then your teacher continues to tell you if you choose the more challenging test, you automatically get an ‘A’. Would you still choose the easier test?

What if, one day, God shows up, and tells you, you have 2 choices; only 2 and one you must choose.

Option 1: Enter through a gate that’s wide and the life is super easy, but the only catch? The ending result is death. Forever. And He actually tells you that many people choose this option, but then He continues on with the second option.

Option 2: Enter through a gate that’s narrow. Your life will be tough, but this path is the only path that leads to a life we all dream of where we have no pain, no sorrow, no hunger, no murder, no lies, no adultery, no death, no cancer, not one. single. thing. that grips this life now, but instead only joy, happiness, compassion, sunshine, smiles, laughs, and the constant embrace of your Creator, forever. 

Choosing option 2 for me was my only option when the Lord met me in my very dark place and lifeless self over 7 years ago. I needed someone’s help. Not just anyone's help, but someone who could save me from my life. For 20 years I had chosen option 1, and the Lord was gracious enough to come alongside of me, and show me compassion by saying, “Hey Britt, the world has had you for a while now, and now I want you. I want a turn in being in your world. I want a turn at being your world. I’m jealous for you. Come to me. Repent. Leave your past behind and rest. Find peace in my promises and joy for your soul.” Just because I meet Jesus, experience His love, compassion and affection, and am captivated by his love, still doesn’t take away from the simple yet complex fact that I live on plant earth and not heaven, yet. This life is hard, filled with many struggles, hurts, and pain. But, I still chose option 2. Why? Because I grew to understand that life doesn’t stop here. For so long I was storing up treasures, but then came to the realization of what’s the point when they will eventually be destroyed? I will be left with not one single thing, but only left face to face with my Creator. I could have said that I'd deal with that when the time comes, but then I realized, wonder if that time comes and my Creator tells me to depart from Him because He never knew me? (Matthew 7:23) Not depart from Him for a few days, a few months, a few years, but forever. Everything I've stored up in this life is left meaningless now. It doesn't come with me. The only thing that will come with me is my soul, and the only thing that’s meaningful now is where I will spend eternity.

Just as Paul demonstrates in his letters how he embraces trial and rejoices in tribulation, I, too desire such a mindset. How? Why? He had hope in Jesus and the assurance of heaven. He knew that his trials and tribulations were storing up for him treasures in heaven that no thieves or moth can destroy or steal; treasures that he would have forever; a weight of glory that outweighs them all. If chosen option 2, we, my friends, have a far greater life ahead of us to look forward to and yearn for than this life we live now. Hard to wrap your head around. It is for me still as well, but I remind myself of a promise God made me that day He came and dug me out of my pit and still peaks it to me today. He promises me that one day, I will be with Him, forever and ever and ever. I will be surrounded by great Light, beautiful Light that never goes out. (My fellow photographer, you know great light is a dream come true!) I will sing (maybe, just maybe I will have a good singing voice then ;) and sing and sing and dance and praise. I can image looking like a little girl in a field of daisies twirling around in circles, head lifted to the sky, holding onto her long dress with a humongous smile on her face. This will be my life along side the Lord in Heaven, forever. No more going back to pain, hurt, sickness, and grief. It’s me, Jesus, sisters and brothers and the angels shouting praise and sharing laughs. When I think this life is hard, I feel weak, and worn down, God gives me a way out with the option to continually be renewed by his promises. These promises were given to me, free of charge. Who leaves their throne as king to be born as a lowly baby, live perfectly, but be persecuted constantly and die brutally 30+ years later all to pay my debt (your's too)??? Only one person. His name's Jesus. It’s finished, my friends. You are offered His offer, without having to pay a single cent, losing nothing, but yet gaining everything + eternity. Talk about amazing grace... 


Enter by the narrow gate. For the gate is wide and the way is easy that leads to destruction, and those who enter by it are many. For the gate is narrow and the way is hard that leads to life, and those who find it are few.
— Matthew 7:13-14

There's a beautiful rainbow at the end of His story. <3