we may burn, but we will never burn up | lessons from God through a 2 year old

I purchased some 99c crayons and blank notebook from Target (score!) and was so excited to let Zay try it out. I put him in his high chair, pulled him across the floor to be closer to me as I cooked dinner, gave him the empty notebook and crayons and let him go at it. I began cooking dinner and peeked at him every so often to, of course, make sure he wasn’t eating the crayons or writing all over himself or everything else. ;-)~

He must have sat there for 30 minutes, flipping through the empty pages, but focusing in on one in particular to color. I took a break from cooking to see what was keeping him so intrigued. I looked at the picture he was “creating” and I think my heart skipped a few beats. My immediate response was “Moses and the burning bush”! I, like a mean, mean mommy, took it from him, cut it out of the book and placed it with the magnet on our refrigerator. 

I few days later, I felt God’s nudge me to read Moses’ story in Exodus. It wasn’t long into the chapter where God brought me to a place of great comfort through these simple words, 

Though the bush was on fire it did not burn up.
— Exodus 3:2

There is not one single aspect or dimension of my life that's “just easy", and because of this, oftentimes I can feel swallowed up by fear, which can easily make me feel as if I'm being consumed by a fire. Life can burn. Period. Trials can last much longer than we could have ever imaged. Tribulation can feel like fire. God, with His very own words to us, promises one beautiful truth; although it may be burning, He won’t ever let us burn up; instead, He rescues. In His time. Can you imagine meeting God there, in a burning bush… I would be so frightened. Moses was, too. He hid his face from God. He was afraid to look at God. But God came to comfort, confirm, and reassure Moses. He came to give Moses His plan, knowing Moses would obey and bring glory to His Name.

I have in deed seen your misery. I have heard your cry. I am concerned about your suffering, and I have come to rescue you.
— Exodus 3:7-8

Through this burning bush encounter, Moses was going to lead God’s people out of Egypt. What is God trying to tell you through your burning bush?  Will hide your face in fear or will you radically obey?