happy 5 years, my love!








And I get to call you my husband?!!!!!

I'm not quite sure where time has gone. Life has happened. Times have gotten tough. We have become weary, but you continually take my hand, remind me of God's promises, and kiss my forehead. The Lord has shown up and grown us in so many beautiful ways in these past 5 years. In times where I was yearning to hear your voice, but you couldn't speak, the Lord graciously reminded me through your sweet reminder you set on my phone to go off every night at 10:47. <3 Those "I love you's" take on a whole new meaning now! Your courageous leadership, faithful faith, gentle spirit, and steady heart are more than I could have ever asked God out of my husband. The unconditional love you give keeps me feeling cherished, your smile keeps me smiling, and your humor keeps me in stitches every single night. You are adored by so many, particularly our sweet son. To see him stop whatever he is doing at that moment when he hears your car door shut, and then his face light us when you open the door make my heart literally leap. The way your presence lights up a room is pretty amazing! I have always said I wanted my husband to be someone whom I look at across the room and think to myself, "that's my husband?!!!! How undeserving am I." 5 years later, I still say that to myself. To think He will grant me the rest of my life to spend with you brings me to tears at how undeserving I am of such a blessing, and to think He has given us both the promise of eternity together with Him one day is to me the definition of amazing grace. <3 Cheers to 5 years and eternity to come! Now, let's go celebrate!

ps. thanks for your sacrifice in using Irish Spring, so I can have the last bit of Dove soap. ;-)


Photos courtesy of the lovely and oh, so talented, Carly Milbrath.