A New Spin On New Years Resolutions


Let's be blatantly honest here...who keeps new years resolutions? I wish I could raise my hand and answer, "I DO"!, but if I did, I'd be a total hypocrite! Maybe for a week, or at best, maybe even a few months and then the excitement of that diet dies down or the motivation of that challenge I've dared myself to do ceases. I'm not saying that resolutions don't do good, but they rarely produce heartfelt bodily and mindful transformations. There's barely ever any lasting change. But, here's one thing I do know about the coming of a new year....

A new year often brings new seasons. Each season is different in its own way. With some seasons, Jesus says “GO” and we respond accordingly. And then there are some where Jesus whispers, “WAIT” and patience is sought after day in and day out. And then there are some seasons where God just plainly shouts, “NO!” it’s not in my plans for you. It's a journey, season to season, new year to new year that brings laughter, hardship, pain, sacrifice, and joy. It’s taking risks in faith knowing you aren’t anywhere near to steering wheel. It’s stepping out into deep water not with a mindset of sinking, but rather in full assurance of how the Lord will help you stand. It’s not knowing how everything will turn out, but trusting that if the Lord wills it, he always provides a straight path. It’s seeing that we don’t become complacent, becoming too comfortable to where we have a hard time seeing the Lord tangibly move in our lives. It’s challenging our heart and minds to seek the Lord in ever facet of our day to day life; in the big and in the smallest of detail. No matter what the season may bring, it’s knowing the work of God is being displaced through us as we pray. Whether in the waiting, in that “no” or the unknown “go”, don’t stop praying. Let your prayer begin with gratitude for simply who God is, and may that gratitude flow into a heartfelt plea for God’s plan to be your only desire. 

This 2016 year, the one lasting change we are desiring to make is being more mindful in prayer as a family. There are many prayer requests in our family’s prayer jar. Some God will say “no” to, some He will continue to ask us to wait on, and other’s He will reveal the action necessary to take in order to fulfill his plan in that prayer. We are so excited to see God tangibly move through this prayer jar, answering prayers, revealing plans, comforting hearts, and changing minds. The words don’t need to be fancy. There’s no word limit or correct phrasing, and no repetition is needed. It’s just a simple heartfelt request with gratitude to our God who holds all things together. And then sit back, hold tight, and rest in his peace and promises as He begins to reveal His glory more and more in your life. May His plans be our only desire this 2016.  Everything else will fall into place accordingly. I promise. <3

So thankful Zayin doesn't charge for kisses yet... :) He often gives them out so freely ;)&nbsp;

So thankful Zayin doesn't charge for kisses yet... :) He often gives them out so freely ;)