There was no room for Him...

In our household, believe it or not...we start renting Christmas books at the library in the Fall…So, one chilly October evening while I was doing dishes, Devin was reading Zayin a book, “Christmas in the Barn”. As he was reading, I felt the Lord ping my heart…Mary and Joseph denied access to the Inn because there was no room for them to birth their first-born, Jesus. Those of you who have experienced birth, can you image the hospital, birthing center or even someone’s home denying you access to give birth there as you actively go into labor; especially after 68+ miles of travel ON FOOT that took days... What looked so bleak and unimaginable was all in God’s divine will for Mary, Joseph and baby Jesus.

As the Lord pinged my heart, the questions started coming in... Do you make room for Me? Is there room in your heart for Me? Christmas season is such a glory filled time of getting to share the gospel easier than ever. People’s hearts tend to be a little more open and their minds tend to be a little more accepting. But this season I feel the Lord pinging me to examine my own heart as we walk into this advent season. If I were the innkeeper, would I have made room for Jesus? At this very moment, am I currently making room for Him, or is my mind too consumed with my list of gifts and the hustle and bustle of the season? You can image Mary, 9 months pregnant with the Messiah, the One who was coming to save the world from darkness and death, and Joseph, Jesus’ earthly father knocking from door to door to see where they could bring their first born into the world. Luke's gospel tells us there was no room... no room for them in the Inn. Mary, giving birth to our King, humbly settles to deliver Jesus in a barn amongst smelly animals, and what had to have been the most uncomfortable setting to birth a child. Kings aren’t born in barns... Aren’t they born in palaces? Yes, yet this King was different. He would be like no other King before or after Him. His mission would be so different. His purpose? Only one He could fulfill- To bring salvation to all who would repent and believe. He came to the world in the most humble way and He left this world in the most humble way. He was here, lying in a manger full of itchy hay because there was no room for Him in the Inn. 

This season and every season, I pray the Lord would prepare our hearts as we celebrate and remember the coming of our Savior, in the most humble of ways. That our hearts would not only “make room” but actually be filled with the tangible presence of the living God through Jesus Christ, so that we would more effectively be able to share the gospel message of redemption with our children, our loved ones, our neighbors, and even strangers as the Lord would present the opportunity. This season, may our minds dwell in God’s goodness displayed through His only Son- born in a manger; born to save.