A New Chapter For Team Terris...

It’s amazing how the Lord works; how He sets things in motion and puts to a halt things that need to be still. The Lord tugged on both Devin and I’s heart a few months back regarding the sell of our first (ever!) home. Our first home as a married couple, the home we brought our first newborn baby home to, the home Devin recovered in after his accident, the home Zayin continued to heal in after his surgeries, the home that served meals, loved company, and where the Spirit of God dwelled. This home was so good to us and provided so many memories. But our season there was completed. The Lord was calling us out to new territory, to a place where He has designated to be our new home. A neighborhood where His hands can serve, His words can speak truth, and His love can bring newness of life. We prayed, and had so many others praying for us in this house search. (THANK YOU ALL!) We searched, but left the choosing up to God, for we knew He has a specific home for us, a community where He needed us to be His hands and feet. It’s inevitable that the process and stress go hand and hand, but it was so freeing to know it wasn’t up to us. 

Back in late January, I was reading through Matthew. While reading through the 9th chapter, the Lord gave me a number. It was a random 4 digit number and caught me off guard. So, I just simply wrote it down in my Bible. We were in the process of listing our home and knew we had to sell ours first before buying again. A few days after the Lord gave me this number, He made our home (The H Home) we are in now active. Of course it went contingent quickly (if you are at all familiar with the NC housing market, you know houses don't stay active for more than 24 hours!). It was an amazing home that would have suited our needs well, but we wrote it off and moved on. We must have seen 20ish homes in the mean time. The H Home came back on the market, but through a series of events, we couldn’t place an offer at that time. So, the H Home went under contract again. Our house sold and it was crunch time. We needed to find another home. So last minute to us, but so on time for God, The H Home became active after being contingent twice. As a buyer, usually, you’d think, “oh boy” something has to be wrong with that house for 2 contracts to fall through. Nope, the Lord was just preparing the way for us. In His timing, we were then able to place an offer, but it wouldn’t be an offer that would be favorable to worldly standards. The number the Lord had given to me back in January, He had now asked for us to use those 4 digits as the last 4 digits of our offer on our new home. It was an offer our flesh didn’t want to make, but God was so evident in asking us to trust Him with it, so we put our flesh to death and stepped out in faith, trusting that if this was the home the Lord had for us, our “crazy” offer would be accepted, and sure enough, it was. 

Through this entire process, the Lord gave me a new meaning of “be still” and “know that I am God” (and you’re not!) There were countless days where I spent my "free time" (Zay's nap time), just sitting before the Lord, asking (and pleading) for Him to reveal His will, and in time, He did. His faithfulness proven true, again.

 The Lord has given exceedingly more than we could have ever imaged. We are so undeserving, and still in such awe of the Lord's movement. Our prayer is that by the power of His Spirit, the Lord would use this home as a vessel to reach many for Christ. We are so humbled at His work thus far, and looking forward to His continual work in and through a sweet street called Heisser Lane that we now call home. 

Zay is adjusting well to our new home and is enjoying helping daddy with yard work, garage sweeping, and flower watering. <3