A FRESH 48 Session | Jurnee 5/20/16

The first 48 hours after giving birth can be surreal and somewhat challenging. You're fatigued, maybe in discomfort, and a bit overwhelmed. But you soon get to sit and study your new baby. Every finger, toe, and expression they make takes on a whole new meaning as both of you all and your family adjust to this new normal. Photographing this FRESH 48 session will always remain near and dear to my heart. Meet my sister, my nephew and my my newest niece! I could barely get through edited these images without bursting forth tears of joy. It was then when I realized how precious these moments are. How precious this type of photography truly is. It's your baby's first few days of life. In the hospital. In their natural state. Loving the simple comfort of their momma and falling asleep in big brother's arms. It's these moments that pass by too quickly in the rush of everything. Capture them. Later on, it will be just one more visual testimony to God's faithfulness and goodness towards your family. 

Thank you Tiff for allowing me the honor of capturing these real and raw images. Congratulations on birthing sweet Jurnee. Both Tres and Jurness are blessed to call you Mom. We love you all! <3