Carrying Scars

Sometimes we carry scars written on our heart. Other times, God allows them to be visible. To us, our son’s visible scars are a reminder of the Lord’s continued faithfulness to provide a surgeon to correct, nurses to care, and the gospel to sustain. 50 years ago, Zayin wouldn’t have had a chance. His diagnosis is too rare. It’s crazy to think Jesus and my son have something in common. Something that the world sees as weakness, but God sees it for glory. As the world sees it as “abnormal”, yet God sees it as opportunity. Although Zayin’s scars could never amount to the immeasurable pain Jesus suffered to carry his scars, the Lord reminds my heart of His sole purpose. Glory. Here, in the present, the wounds may heal, but the pain oftentimes still remains. There will come a day when Zayin will ask us about these scars. I can hear him now, "Why am I "different", mom? Why the discomfort? Why all the doctors, dad? Why all the hospitals? Why so much pain?" And God will give us, as his parents, an opportunity to point Zayin to the Cross; that through the Cross of grief and pain, God brought forth the most beautiful gift- the gift of eternal life. Because of this we have hope and a future that doesn't include this pain. That God chose Zayin as His special missions partner to help bring many sons and daughters to glory through his precious life. Although not visually seen to us, Jesus sits enthroned at the right hand of God in Heaven as we speak. His scars remain, yet the pain doesn’t. Today, I am thankful that, one day, we will dance with Jesus and the pain will be no more. But until that day, may God continue His sole mission: Glory. -through our pain-filled scares. 


Jesus, You and You alone are good. Help our hearts to know that You're here, in our midst, closer than ever, even in the darkest of days. Help our minds not see pain as weakness, but as a chance to bring many sons and daughter to glory. Help us trust Your big picture rather than our tiny scope. Most importantly, Spirit speak. Speak to our hearts, so that we may come into communion with You where we find our peace and discover our resting place. There is no-one like You God. Thank You for Your steadfast love, abounding grace, and faithful presence. We love you and pray all of these things in Your Son’s Mighty Name; the Name of Jesus.  Amen. 

We covert your prayers as we seek God's guidance and medical care on how to currently treat Zayin's conditions as a result of his abnormality and surgeries. We rest in the knowledge of God's faithfulness and His unshakeable promises. 

In the beautiful name of Jesus,