To The Believer Who Doesn't Believe

That believer was once me. Apprehensive, doubtful, stationary. Let's be 'realistic'...God used spiritual gifts in Biblical days to prove truths. He doesn't use them in modern day….now....They're old school. It's 2016- again, let's be realistic! My thought process quickly shifted when the birth of our first born and the strict diet he’d soon face was prophesied. Yes, all of this before God had even breathed life into him in my womb. God didn’t have to reveal this information in advance to us, nor work in the ways that He did, yet He was so gracious to prepare our hearts for what was to come through one obedient prophesying believer. Paul, in 1 Corinthians actually declares he wishes we would prophesy. If we are Bible-believing Christians, then why don’t we? Do we even believe God can grant us that gift? Have we ever asked? Are we too unbelieving to even ask? Maybe because our belief rests in this: it’s 2016, no one prophesies anymore..that was just made for old Biblical days. If this thought process continues to influence our minds (mine as well), we will only continue to underestimate God and His power within us. If we truly believe the very Spirit of the living God, who raised Jesus from death to life(!!!!), that that same Spirit really resides within us…why not still believe in the power of the spiritual gifts manifested (in 2016) through us by His Spirit? It wasn’t until my (very) hard heart was softened by grace, that I was actually able to visually see that He does move and have His being, daily within us. But how? How do we get Him to move, to act, to give, to tangibly see more of His Spirit active in our daily lives? We pray for it. We pray for prophecy, we pray for knowledge, we pray for wisdom- we ask; we pray our hearts be open to more of Him and less of this world. He’s a good Father giving the best gifts. If Your heart’s desiring more of Him, earnestly seek those gifts in prayer. 

Many of you know Zayin was born with a birth defect, a congenital abnormality that has required several surgeries and continual check-ups with specialists and surgeons. He will face chronic fecal impaction, potentially living off laxatives and enamas (if doctor's can't find another solution) the rest of his earthly days. We have been able to avoid laxatives and enemas for the first 2 years of his life due to diet modifications, but now his colon just doesn’t want to work properly and cannot push all of his stool out, hence the chronic back up- his colon never being able to contract and empty. This diet consists of little to no foods that contribute to constipation in a child which has normal anorectal function- no dairy (sub almond or coconut milk), limited gluten, tons of the “p” fruits (peach, pear, plum, prunes), beans, nuts, quinoa, millet, amaranth (ancient grains loaded with fiber), and so forth. You may be thinking, how in the world does this kid eat this stuff? To him, this isn’t “diet modification”- it's all he’s ever known- we started it from the beginning when we first introduced foods. This is the Lord. He, so abundant in grace, prepared and guided our hearts through (a gift of 'ol) prophesy, through one believer, knowing Zay would face this. Is this diet extra work? Yes. Did it completely flip our household upside down for a bit? Absolutely. But God, so gracious to give through one-faith filled believer who prayed to have the gift of prophecy, provided. Through this prophecy, He gave us a heart abandoned to what the world says and yielded to His presence where we continually glean strength, guidance, and wisdom.

I am speaking to you; I am speaking to myself when I write this. When we pray, we have been given a gift, an opportunity to come into the presence of the living God. This is power. Start praying with boldness. God can and will do immeasurable things in and through you to the good of others and the glory of Himself. His presence has become my very favorite place to be. I am praying, today, it will become yours as well. 

Go in peace, go old school on ‘em and believe. :)  <3